9R DUCT Tape Suppliers

Duct tape is water proof PE coated fabric tape. It is used for holding, splicing, masking, patching, sealing and sealing purpose. Polyethylene coated cloth backing with rubber adhesive. It has high tack, conform ability strength and easy tear.
It is good for heavy duty application of Adhesive Tape Suppliers, Duct Tape Manufacturers, Duct Tape Suppliers, Dealers, Wholesalers, Distributors and Exporters of National and International clients near me. It is water proof and used in construction industries for AC ducting.

Available in Color : Grey Colour

Technical Data

PE Coated Fabric


Visual Silver Grey

Total Thickness

mm 0.18 + 10%

Breaking Strength

kgf / 25 mm 07 min
gmf / 25 mm 700 min

Elongation at Break

% 15 min.